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Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing for

Body, Mind & Soul

Holistic wellness cares for the entire person; body, mind and Soul. What is manifesting in your body or mental state may have an origin in Spirit.

Reasons to have a Spiritual Healing

  • You feel stuck in a behavioral pattern which continues to repeat itself

  • You feel like you need to be “put back together”

  • You feel drained, fatigued, lethargic

  • Emotional traumas from your past continue to haunt you and do not respond to traditional medicine or other healing modalities

  • You are dealing with fears or phobias

  • You feel trapped in “fight, flight or freeze” reaction

  • You have a peculiar localized pain in some part of your body that doesn’t go away, yet can’t be diagnosed

  • A feeling of being a target or drained energetically by someone from your past

Traditional medicine treats only symptoms. Traditional therapy focuses on the conscious mind. Spiritual Healing is holistic; focusing on the source of the issue, the imprint of trauma, in the unconscious mind, the energetic field, and the Soul. Trauma leaves Soul damage that left unhealed can develop into a serious energy blockage, emotional upheaval or a chronic physical condition. Spiritual healing heals the wounds and trauma at the source, so the imprint no longer influences your health and well being and you can return to a state of balance and peace.

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Think of your subconscious as a “karmic mirror” reflecting the trauma, attitudes, beliefs, and thought patterns that have accumulated in your subconscious. These thoughts and beliefs made an imprint in your subconscious as a result of your life experiences, whether healthy or unhealthy, real or perceived, traumatic or loving; these thought patterns are literally creating your current reality. When you truly understand and grasp the fundamental truth, that you create your life from the inside out, you can finally stop trying to initiate change in your external world (people, places, things) where it is ineffective and embrace change internally where it will have the power for total transformation.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective at initiating change by bypassing the conscious, critical mind and allowing access to the subconscious to re-program toxic, disruptive or destructive thought patterns to positive life affirming beliefs, thought patterns and attitudes that support a happy and healthy life.

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Past Life Regression is a technique that uses Hypnosis to recover and relive the memories of past lives or previous incarnations. It is a therapeutic healing process that works on a deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and provides the possibility of resolution of anxiety attacks, chronic pain, depression, fears, relationship conflicts and patterns with core people in your life, and many other issues that do not seem to make sense within the context of your present life experiences. These issues may have originated in a past life. You are an eternal Soul who carries forward learning, experiences and sometimes trauma from one human lifetime to another. By bringing these memories into conscious awareness, trauma held within the energetic body or emotional blockages that keep you stuck in a troubled state in this life are released or diffused.

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I am a Soul Healer and a Spiritual Healer in the Shamanic tradition. I heal the energetic and spiritual aspects of illness, emotional trauma and personal imbalance by using a powerful combination of healing modalities; Shamanic journeying, Reiki energy healing, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Past Life Regression, Spiritual guidance and Therapeutic herbal treatments.

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“Kari was easy to talk to, she listened to what my challenges and needs were and helped me move past areas that have been a challenge. She created a safe space of trust for the healing that needed to be done. Thank you for this amazing experience!”


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