Natural Ways to Have Healthy Skin Over 50

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Therefore, neglecting to properly care for it can result in some serious repercussions. Dry, itchy skin can quickly become infected from incessant scratching, and the infection can spread like wildfire all over the body. This can be especially true for men and women over the age of 50. Skin cells tend to naturally dry out with age, as the sebaceous glands in the body begin to produce less oil. Meanwhile, skin cells are constantly being sloughed off with exposure to the elements (wind, cold outdoor air, or damaging sun). Newly formed skin cells rise to the surface, but without as much oil as their younger predecessors, the skin cannot maintain its former supple appearance and feel. A new skin care regimen must be implemented after the age of 50.

Drop the Soap

It’s hard to abandon habits that have been part of the daily routine, but soap is simply not friendly to aging skin. It accelerates the drying process and leaves a flaky residue that can lead to itching, which thins the skin by sloughing off skin cells more quickly than they can be replenished. After the age of 50 it’s time to drop the soap. Opt, instead, for a natural cleaner like vinegar.

Think Salad Dressing

The easiest way to remember the over-50 skin care regimen is to liken it to salad dressing. Not the creamy ranch or thousand island variety, though. Think of the basics – oil and vinegar, or in this case – vinegar and oil. Use plain, white vinegar as an astringent that pulls dirt from the skin without removing natural oils. The smell may take some getting used to, but vinegar dries colorless and odorless. Dab some on a cotton ball for facial cleaning, or splash onto a washcloth in the shower. Vinegar is also very inexpensive, so don’t worry about skimping. Towel dry or let the skin air dry for a few minutes before following up with the second part of this easy regimen. Now that the dirt has been removed from the skin, it’s time to add some fresh, clean oil. Olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oils are best, as they are light and quickly absorbed by the skin. A few drops of essential oil can be added to the bottle of olive, almond, or coconut oil for a nice aroma or to add some healing power to the process.

Inside and Out

Since the skin is an organ and not just a wrapper for the outside of the body, an inside-out approach must be taken in the over-50 skin care regimen. The bloodstream gives nourishment to all organs of the body, including the skin. Proper nutrition is vital to healthy, young-looking skin. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of high-quality water (purified by filtration or distillation), and taking vitamin supplements are all important practices. Some essential vitamins and minerals for proper skin care include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, and Magnesium. As with any new health regimen, please consult your doctor before taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Combating Age Spots Naturally

Women and men over the age of 50 often start to notice light brown spots on the face and hands. Society calls them age spots or liver spots. They are nothing more than sun damage that causes uneven pigmentation. Most are harmless, but nonetheless unsightly. An easy way to fade them naturally is by applying a few drops of lavender oil or frankincense oil to the affected area. Do this after applying a base of “carrier oil” like olive, almond or coconut oil. Applying essential oils directly to the affected areas on a regular basis may result in irritation or redness.

Patience is key, as this process tends to take weeks or months to show positive results. Over time the brown spots will fade and the overall skin complexion will even out, leaving a more youthful appearance.

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